Refurbished Gadget Myths Exposed

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Refurbished Gadgets


The trend of people tending to buy refurbished laptops in India as well as mobile phones as they are now aware of the advantages of purchasing a refurbished mobile. This is due to increased awareness of the pros and cons of refurbished mobiles. But, even today some people are not able to confidently able to make the purchase of refurbished mobiles. The main reason for this is the lack of appropriate knowledge of the topic and also the myths that are misleading the people by making a smart decision.

In this article, I will be exposing some really common refurbished gadgets myths.

1. Refurbished mobiles and used mobiles are the same!

This is the most common refurbished devices myth, let me clear it up for you! Second-hand mobiles and the ones which are just sold to you without making improvements or changes to the device. Whereas refurbished mobile phones are the one’s which are processed for giving you an error free, fully functional products. The best part of buying a refurbished mobile in India is that it comes with a warranty from the manufacturer or the refurbisher, which does not happen in the case of second-hand mobiles phone purchases.

2. Scrap chips are put into devices!

This is the next most asked question when people show interest in buying refurbished products. Well, the answer to that is a big no. The refurbished devices, may it be mobile phones or laptops all of them contain genuine certified parts/chips, which is one of the reasons that the refurbishers are confident about the product and hence give you a warranty on that product.

3. Refurbished devices are not as good as new ones

Firstly, new ones are news ones! There is a reason why they are called new ones. But do to worry, refurbished devices provide almost similar quality in terms of functionality and performance. The main reason for this amazing quality of refurbished devices is the fact that they use certified parts to make the device and hence making it equally good.

4. Not priced right!

Usually, refurbished devices have around 15-20% less price than the actual cost of the device. Sometimes, these price variations go up to 40-45% also. Refurbished gadgets are priced correctly at the quality of products that it offered. Don’t fall for a product if its priced too low. There is a reason for which the product has such a low price tag, it might be a faulty piece and hence is put out for sale for such low cost. Check the seller ratings and reviews before making a purchase decision.

5. Have lesser lifetime!

This is all wrong! Refurbished devices have the lifetime just like any other device. Just because they are processed for better quality it doesn’t mean that they will be having a lower lifetime.

Choosing a refurbished laptop over second hand laptops and choosing a refurbished mobile instead of a used mobile phone is the smartest decision that you can make.

Those were the most trending refurbished devices myths. The refurbished mobile phones market is booming in India due to increased awareness among people about the advantages of owning and using refurbished products. We at have a wide range of refurbished mobile phones and refurbished laptops in India from which you can choose the one which best suits you.


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